How to take the SAT,ACT & SAT Subject Tests for FREE!!

You are probably thinking fees? I'm only in high school, why do I have to pay for fees? I will need to worry about that when I enroll in college. Well, unfortunately, there are fees one has to pay even before enrolling in college. BUT sometimes you can waive those fees! Yeah, you heard that right! You can take … Continue reading How to take the SAT,ACT & SAT Subject Tests for FREE!!

What are PSAT & AP exams?

Now that you know what College Board is and how you can take exams majority of colleges need, let me explain the elements of the PSAT and AP exams. AP exams are college-level tests administered by College Board. AP exams are taken in May and students receive scores in July.  These exams allow high school students … Continue reading What are PSAT & AP exams?

Get Involved!

You are probably thinking, "Okay, I just need a high GPA, take some honors/ AP courses, score a high SAT/ ACT score and I'm 'lit'." WRONG! Yes these are factors that on average are weighed heavily by colleges,  but there is still more one has to do to be a successful applicant. Extracurricular Activities - Join, … Continue reading Get Involved!