About FlairNow

The idea of FlairNow came about when Claudia Saavedra was 16 years old. As an immigrant, coming from a low-income household and the first in her family to go to college, she had a difficult time understanding what was needed to enroll in college what steps she needed to do to receive a full-time job after college.  When she found out about her immigration status in the United States during the beginning of her senior year of high school, she realized that she could not apply to many opportunities and it took hours of research to find what she did qualify for.

FlairNow started with a series of workshops created by Claudia during her lunch period in high school where she provided a step by step process to apply to college based on the hours of research she conducted.

Despite circumstances, Claudia went to Rutgers University on scholarships and held various internship positions with top organizations such as Cargill, Teach for America and the Aspen Institute.

The idea further progressed when she attended Rutgers University to the creation of an online mentoring platform with in-person workshops. Here she was able to reach 400+ students nationally and internationally. She focused on college and career mentoring as well as social-emotional building.

When running her program, she realized that her services only reached a limited amount of students. She became frustrated when the majority of the opportunities she participated in were found by the word of mouth. She knew there were so many opportunities that people did not know and qualified for.

She met her co-founder Jose Dominguez when they spoke on a panel to help underrepresented students enroll in college and teamed up to build an application that matches individuals to opportunities based on their profile.