All expense paid trip to NOLA. Find out how to do it!

I had a fantastic opportunity to travel to New Orleans for the first time in my life. The best part, it was FREE! This amazing opportunity to explore a new city was presented to me by being a part of the Essentials Fellowship through 4.0 schools.


The Essentials Fellowship guides those individuals who want to build new products in the education field whether that is ed tech tools, new schools, or programming. 4.0 schools take you from idea stage to proof point.IMG_2853.JPG

I met so many inspiring professionals working on amazing ventures that will impact the education field. Their passion, inspiration, and motivation towards their ideas to enhance education, motivated me to pursue and push myself, even more, to refine and further develop my social impact venture. 

As much work I did complete throughout the three days I stayed at NOLA, I did explore the city. I mean, who wouldn’t want to go out and explore New Orleans?


Do not get me wrong, as much fun as I had, they did put us to work. That was the whole reason why 4.0 schools provided me free food, hotel accommodations, and round-trip transportation. NOLA has so much going on all the time that I was not able to experience ALL of NOLA because I was working most of the time. But from what I did experience, the city defiantly sold me on coming back.

Best, of all, I got to ride on my first streetcar!


I HIGHLY recommend that you apply for 4.0 schools essentials fellowship. Oh, I almost forgot, they also provide you funding to develop pop-ups to test and validate your idea.

For those who are in the later stages of their social venture projects, apply for 4.0 schools Tiny Fellowship. By applying to Tiny, you will receive $10,000 in funding.

For those looking at applying towards, either the Tiny or Essentials fellowship, I will provide you with more info on where I stayed which will be helpful for those coming from outside New Orleans.

Until next time…


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