Tips for the first week of college


Many of you started school already, or on the verge of going back. If this is your first time going to a college campus, or are a returning student, then these are must-have tips before move in or when you moved in.

  1. Register for classes– Yeah, no brainer but my experience in college says differently. I met students in the school that still never registered for classes even though classes already started.  Don’t be this kid, also if you are a super senior.
  2. Go to Disabilities Services– If you have any type of disability and will need accommodations, I will suggest you go to your Disability Center. I heard of instances where students would be required to get retested even if you had accommodations in high school. Getting retested could take up months! 
  3. File for Financial Aid:    Every broke college students loves this site as this is how you can receive free money for no cost! The only annoying part is actually making the application, but it is totally worth it!
  4. Eliminate all unnecessary fees from your term bill– DO THIS EACH SEMESTER! Sometimes colleges make students pay a fee to help a non-profit organization out. However, sometimes colleges do not tell you that this fee you are paying for is not required (ex: if you are Rutgers University student, you DO NOT have to pay for NJ Pirg fee).
  5. Go to the social events– Colleges always have events after students move in. If you are new to campus, I would suggest you attend these events to get to know new people. HINT: they might be the same major as you…which leaves me to my next tip…
  6. Makes friends with people in your class- You missed a class on day, and the professor will not provide you with what you missed… you just ask a friend that is in your class. Hence, why I strongly suggest getting to know as many people in your classes. If you are not an outgoing person, then speak to the person you sit next too and get their number just in case you miss future assignments.
  7. Get a head start during syllabus week- This method helped me tremendously! Whenever everybody is out partying during syllabus week, I start doing the work that is on my syllabus even if it’s due weeks later. I love this technique because whenever everybody is stressing overturning in a paper, I’m just tweaking mine up and enjoying my weekend with no stress!

Well, those are my tips for the first week of college. Have fun and don’t stress out too much during your semester.



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