How to become a Gates Scholar– Bill Gates scholarship help

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The Gates Scholarship provides high achieving high school seniors who qualify for pell grants the opportunity to receive funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

For the eligibility requirements, please check out their page:

My Experience as a Gates Scholar Finalist

Yes, during high school I applied for the first Bill Gates scholarship. Out of many applications, I was one of the 1,900 finalists.

At the time of the award, I was going to enter college as a business major but after uploading my acceptance letter, forgot to realize they only accepted individuals who were going to pursue science degrees– I was going for business (oops). However, now the Gates scholarship funds individuals no matter of major.

Long story short, I did not receive the scholarship but being a finalist is a huge accomplishment and going through the process helps me advise students. So enjoy reading my tips that I have for aspiring Gates Scholars!

Tips for your Gates scholarship application  from a Bill Gates Scholar Finalist

  • Show not tell! This is critical towards your essays. You do not want to bore the person reading your essay; rather, you want them to remember your essay.
  • Paint a picture! Do not list your accomplishments– your application shows this and your teacher recommendation letters can highlight those accomplishments. You want to show the person reading your essay something the do not know about you.
  • Include the reader in the experience! What I mean by this is that, engage your reader. How do you do that? Imagery is your best friend. When writing your essays, make sure to describe the smells, the environment, what you see, what you hear.
  • Your voice: Do not use sophisticated words to make you sound smart. Literally, you will look like too much of a try hard. Rather, focus on painting the picture and having the reader take the journey with you.

My last advice is to be yourself! Let the reader know who you are and DON’T pretend to be someone you are not.

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