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Why do I need to know my passion?
When people ask what my what my greatest strength, I tell them my passion. Why? My passion is what drives me, gives me motivation, helps me set a goal, allows me to reach my goal and allows me to think long-term. Without, my passion, I’m just doing something to just do it.
What is YOUR passion?
The first question I have for you is:
What are you passionate about? 
Take a moment and think about that.
Got it? Great!
You can take initiative quickly of areas you are passionate about.
Don’t have it? That is still great!
Finding one’s main passion is difficult for some.
Can I have more than one passion?
Sometimes exposing yourself in a lot of different areas, you discover new aspects of yourself— new passions. BUT it might take you a while to find your main passion.
To tell you the truth, I did not find my main passion until the middle of my junior year of college. I did a lot of activities and research revolving enhancing education, but I just considered those my hobbies.  In high school and in college I did a lot of clubs and activities ranging from many areas such as student government, business and much more. Don’t get me wrong I have other passions such as civil rights, solutions to poverty etc but the number one passion I have is education and it took me a long time to find out.
Finding my main passion.
You know how I found out? Just casually talking to someone about my college access boot camp I created when I was 17. From that conversation, that person made me aware that my number one passion is education, especially access to higher education.
With that being said, a person can have many passions. You can discover your passion from reading a book, a movie, class discussion, or like in my case, talking to someone.  Knowing as well as trying to discover your passion, will help you through the college admission process as well as in life. You never know what path you will take, but remember….
Your PASSION(s) is what gets you far
My tip of advice when you are trying to build your resume and writing you college essays: although you might already know some, if not all your passion(s), or are trying to find out,  just never stop the exploration.  
Questions for you:
What are your passions?
How are you exploring your passions or trying to find out what is your passion?
Until next time….

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