Getting Organized with the college process

Hey, guys, sorry that I have not been on this for a while! I had my board meetings, my internship, and of course, school! Although this is all stressful, it is a worthwhile experience!

Just a quick update on all these aspects of my life!
I landed my dream internship… LITERALLY! I actually was going to develop this platform anyways but got asked to create this platform through an internship and got PAID! The work that I did for my internship was the work that I dreamed of doing since high school.
I actually got to put my vision to help underserved communities by writing, researching, benchmarking and developing a curriculum for a new platform at a university. Sounds lame, I know but I find this work SO fascinating! That was a win, win for me.  I’m hoping my project gets approved by the Chancellors office at my university as this will be a brand new platform!!! I will keep you guys updated!
Board Meetings
I had the amazing opportunity to serve on a Board of Trustees of a Community College at the age of 20. While this experience is amazing, sometimes, it can be draining (mostly because of my intern and school I juggle in between).
I am excited since this summer, I want to launch a program that I will create that will help students with professional development! If you have not noticed already, I love creating and launching new platforms that create change! Being a member of the Board of Trustees allowed me to gain exposure of how major decisions are made.
School….SUCKS (ha, just kidding–well, sometimes it does suck, so I’m  not really kidding)

I wrote this post during finals week of college and forgot to finish it and POST it! Sorry guys! Is there anything else I need to say? Oh, I know, finals week = DEATH! I had two 20 page papers due back to back! Thankfully, I am organized and do not procrastinate (well, sometimes).

 Getting Organized with the college process
This leaves me to my next tip on the college process, GETTING ORGANIZED.
  1. Get organized by the start of your Freshman year, even better 8th-grade year!
  • Starting early always helps! Get a list of the classes you want to take
  • Hopefully, you squeezed in some Honors and AP classes into your schedule as taking on these challenging course at the beginning of your Freshman year, will help your college application substantially!

2.  Develop a plan

  • Make sure to have a set plan to keep yourself motivated
  • Setting a plan would be applying for an internship, summer program, fellowship, joining a sports sophomore year etc
  • Make sure you are doing something every single summer of high school in regards to grow professionally and academically!
       3. Speak to your guidance counselor
  • Make sure to set up appointments with your guidance counselor.

-Guidance counselors have to write your letter of recommendation so you do NOT want them writing something similar to what they wrote someone that applied to the same school as you! Admissions will notice this.

                -Setting up appointments with your guidance counselor will help you keep on track with your course schedule
                -Speak with your guidance counselors about any summer program they know
        4. Look for Opportunities 

                  – Make an effort to at least look for new opportunities once a month! Trust, me you will not regret it!


Questions for you:

  1. What are you doing to get organized with the college process?
  2. Any cool tips that have helped you?

Until next time!

— Claudia 

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