How to take the SAT,ACT & SAT Subject Tests for FREE!!

You are probably thinking fees? I’m only in high school, why do I have to pay for fees? I will need to worry about that when I enroll in college.

Well, unfortunately, there are fees one has to pay even before enrolling in college. BUT sometimes you can waive those fees! Yeah, you heard that right! You can take the college entrance exams such as the SAT/ACT for FREE! 

I’m going to explain how you can take the SAT/ACT for FREE, if you just keep reading!

  •   College Board is the founding tool that will be used A LOT  during your college process.

Waiving Fees
Depending on your socio-economic status, you may be able to qualify for fee waivers. These fee waivers can be obtained if you meet the criteria. To find out if you qualify to take the SAT, ACT and SAT subject tests for free, please visit the link below.

Fee Waiver Criteria Link

SAT / ACT Fee Waiver

If meet the criteria for the fee waiver, then you are able to take the SAT/ ACT twice for FREE.

SAT Subject Test Fee Waiver

These are exams high school students could take and submit to college(s) to showcase one strength and particular interests in different subject areas. Similar to the SAT, the SAT Subject tests can improve your admission to a particular college if one scores well on it.

However, theses tests like any other college entrance tests come with a hefty cost. 

So how can YOU not pay that hefty cost to take the SAT subject tests?

  1. If you are a low-income student, you can qualify for the SAT subject test fee waiver.
  2. Your household income determines your qualifications.
  3. First see if you qualify for the fee waiver:
  4. If you qualify, you may receive TWO fee waivers for SAT Subject Test Registrations ONLY.

Apply to college for Free!

Normally applying to just college (s) alone will cost you around $60 or more just to send your application to further your education. If you meet the criteria for the SAT fee waiver then automatically qualify for the college application fee waivers.  You can apply up to four colleges for free. For more information please visit the link below:

Where do I obtain this fee waiver?

Fee waivers for everything mentioned above can be obtained through organizations such as TRIO, Rutgers Future Scholars, Urban League for Young Professionals etc. If the student(s) are homeschooled a fee waiver may be obtained through the local high school guidance department. If you are enrolled in high school, please see your guidance counselor for more information.

What if I do not meet the criteria for the fee waiver but still cannot afford the application fee to apply to college?

  • Many times colleges have open houses and if you attend these open houses then the college itself provides you with a fee waiver regardless of your income
  • To obtain the college application waivers this way, just go to the specific the college you are interested in and visit the college(s) during open houses.
  • To find out about open houses, visit the college(s) website.
  • Sometimes, colleges also provide you the option of an application waiver if you sign up for their e-mails. Normally this is done through smaller colleges rather than large universities.

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